Nippon Ant Powder 300g


Ants and crawling insects can be unwelcome visitors to homes and gardens, but Nippon has the solution to controlling them as quickly as possible. To help you do this, the most efficient way is to find the nest by following the trail of ants, and when found the entrance to the nest can be treated. Nippon should also be applied around cracks and crevices and any other places where they are seen. Nippon Ant Killer Powder will also control wasps, cockroaches, beetles, earwigs, silverfish, and woodlice.
  • Highly effective control of common black ants and crawling insects
  • Use indoors and outdoors, kills on contact
  • Simply puff powder along ant trails and along cracks, skirting, etc.
  • Long-lasting – up to six months control
    Brand: Nippon
    Suitable For: Ants & insects
    Additional Information: Contains permethrin